Meat Menu: Lasagna Bolognese (with Pork) and Dessert

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Classic Bolognese Lasagna: layers of fresh home made pasta with beef and pork ragu and dairy white bechamel sauce. The most Italian lasagna of all.

Choose your dessert between Tiramisu Cake – fluffy bakingpowder-free sponge cake soaked with espresso coffee, layered with mascarpone cream and covered with cocoa powder – or vegan Carrot Cake – a tasty slice of sweetness, rich in carrots and nuts. (No need to be vegan to love it!)

This Menu will be delivered for free to your home in Brighton and Hove, the Saturday following your order, between 5pm and 7pm. This menu is only available as a “Saturday evening special” and must be ordered by 10am on Friday.




  • in the LASAGNA:
  • fresh egg pasta: wheat flour – semolina floureggs (or Gluten Free alternative: maize flour – rice flour – egg free)
  • bechamel sauce: white flour – dairy milk – butter – nutmeg – salt – pepper
  • ground beef – ground pork – sausage – carrot – onion – celery – garlic – bay leaf – sage – rosemary – parsley – thyme – chopped tomatoes
  • red wine or beer
  • grated cheese
  • baking soda or sugar – Organic Vegetable Bouillon containing celery


  • in the TIRAMISU:
  • sponge cake: wheat flour – sugar – eggs (rice flour and cornflour in the Gluten Free option) – vanilla essence
  • mascarpone cream: mascarpone – custard cream (egg yolks – dairy milk – sugar – cornflour)
  • espresso coffee – cognac flavouring


  • in the CARROT CAKE:
  • wheat flour (oats flour – rice flour in the Gluten Free option ) – flax seeds – walnuts – ground cinnamon – ground nutmeg – sugar – soya milk – carrots – baking powder – vanilla essence – lemon flavouring – cider vinegar – salt


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